Each file is copyrighted, and should not be transferred or shared in any way.  When purchasing our digital designs you are the sole person who has permission to use the purchased file.  You may use our images for marketing purposes only for your use.  No part of any design may be recreated and sold as a design of your own.  If you are using our design images for any published work, you must contact me for approval, and explain how it will be used.  Published items include... magazines, books, patterns, youtube videos, blog posts, or anything of the sort that is published in any form.  Upon approval you will need to state clearly in any published form, whether it is partial or full representation of our designs, who the digital designer is and where the design is available for purchase.  Please note that we respect the hard work you put into the work that you do, and we hope that you can also respect our work.  All images and content from this website is copyrighted, and may not be used without written consent.  Consent may be obtained through contacting the owner at the contact link below.  If you have any questions regarding our policies, please contact us through the contact link on our website.