Circle2 - Longarm Ruler Set (Clear Acrylic)

Circle2 - Longarm Ruler Set (Clear Acrylic)


A set of 6 circle longarm machine quilting rulers, designed by Leisha Farnsworth from Quilting It, LLC. -Patent Pending- Each ruler is made using high quality 1/4” thick acrylic and has two sizes of circles, the size of circles range from 2” to 13”. Sizes for each of the six rulers: 2”/8”, 3”/9”, 4”/10”, 5”/11”, 6”/12”, 7”/13”. What makes these rulers unique is the 3/4 of a circle design, which allows you to have two sizes of circles per ruler. To top it off, each of the rulers have been designed to give you the correct size circle when you quilt a full circle. Which means if you were to use the 2”/8” ruler, you would be able quilt out a 2” circle and a 8” circle. Other circle rulers don’t take into consideration the 1/2” added by the hopping foot when quilting a circle out. I designed this set, with that in mind.

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A protective paper will be attached to the top side of the ruler, when it ships to you. To remove the paper, use your fingernail along the edge, to start to peel the paper backing. A knife or scissors may scratch your ruler.

To prevent chips in your rulers, you need to hold the ruler butted up next to the hopping foot. You must use a ruler base to give you more stability. Keep the ruler flat, tilting the ruler can cause it to catch under the hopping foot or catch in between the needle bar and top of the hopping foot.

If your ruler chipped during shipping, let me know.

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