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Welcome to Quilting It. 

My name is Leisha, and I have been longarm machine quilting for nearly 13 years.  I also have been designing longarm pantograph designs for 4 years, with Urban Elementz

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Machine Quilting Classes

Machine Quilting Classes

Have you ever wanted to learn how to longarm machine quilt?  Or do you want to learn some new techniques, like custom quilting with rulers?

I’ve had requests over the years, to teach one on one classes.  If you’re interested please contact me at quiltingit@gmail.com 

My mom taught me how to pin on a quilt, and how to stipple...everything else I am completely self taught.  I have been longarm machine quilting since July of 2005.  I quilt on a Gammill Statler longarm.  A Statler is a computer, which was added to my machine in December of 2016.  So, for most of my career I have been hand guiding the longarm machine.  Which is great!!  Hand guiding a machine allows you to have more control in what design goes where.  I do love having a computer for the edge to edge designs, especially geometric which are hard to get looking good if you are following a pantograph.  I also learned how to follow pantographs, after I started designing them with Patricia Ritter from Urban Elementz in 2014.  Our designs can be found here:  https://www.urbanelementz.com/catalogsearch/result/?cat=0&q=Leisha+Farnsworth

I’ve learned so much about machine quilting and so much about the ins and outs of business.

I want the classes you take from me to be catered to you.  What do you want to learn?  What is your ultimate goal in learning to machine quilt?  What do you know?  Where do you want to start?  Do you want a machine recommendation, if you don’t own a machine yet?  We can talk about it all.   

I have oodles of things I find helpful when I’m quilting, like a toothbrush and batting scraps that are random sizes 2” to 3” big.  Those great tips and tricks are things I’ve learned along the way, and things that can help you in your quilting.  

Sound fun?  Are you interested?

Please contact me, and we can talk about the prices for classes.   I am currently opening up classes for those located in northern Utah.  I’m in the Cache Valley area.  

If you have a machine, I would prefer that you learn on your machine.  Your machine is different than mine, and for you to understand and remember the things we go over, it would be best to do on your machine.  

Classes are best done on a one on one bases.  If there is more than one quilter using the same machine that would like a class, we can definitely work that out.  There will be an additional charge for each person.  If you don’t have a longarm machine, we can arrange for you to take classes on my machine between client quilts that I’m working on.  

To check out some of my work click here...   https://www.quiltingit.com/portfolio/

Janet’s Amish quilt

Janet’s Amish quilt

Peggy’s Disappearing 4 Patch

Peggy’s Disappearing 4 Patch