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My name is Leisha, and I have been longarm machine quilting for nearly 13 years.  I also have been designing longarm pantograph designs for 4 years, with Urban Elementz

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Skye’s simple patchwork quilts

Skye’s simple patchwork quilts

I LOVE simple square quilts.  It’s all about showcasing the fabrics, and I love the ones that Skye put together in these quilts for her girls.  She requested 1” lines.  So, you may wonder why one is horizontal and one is vertical.  Both of her quilts have rosette minky on the back, and I’ve learned when using minky it has to be pinned onto the canvas’ on the quilting machine a certain way.  The two ends that are cut should be pinned to the loading bar canvas and the lower back bar canvas.  The selvage should run down each side of the quilt.  If the selvage sides are the ones pinned to the canvas, the minky will stretch as it’s quilted.  It’s like pulling a rubble band and releasing it, when the quilt comes off the machine it will bunch up weird in spots.  So, with Skye’s quilts, the way I needed to pin the minky on, determined the direction the lines would be quilted.  It’s not a problem at all, That’s just the “why” on pinning on minky to a longarm machine canvas.  

Another quilting tip...  I like to quilt out an initial horizontal line using the horizontal lock on my machine, then I use that line to lay the quilt onto the batting and make sure it’s as straight as I can get it, then I baste the quilt onto the backing and batting.  This helps me to start quilting with the quilt on straight.  


I used a 30 Tex white Perma Core thread and a polyester batting that Skye brought.  It adds so much fun texture to have that extra loft in the batting.


How sweet are those fabrics?!!!


Once again, 1” lines and super cute fabrics.


I love the colors, so fun!

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- Leisha

Sandy’s grand baby’s quilt!

Sandy’s grand baby’s quilt!

Debbie’s jewel tone quilt

Debbie’s jewel tone quilt