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My name is Leisha, and I have been longarm machine quilting for nearly 13 years.  I also have been designing longarm pantograph designs for 4 years, with Urban Elementz

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Jeanne’s Patriotic Log Cabin quilt 🇺🇸

Jeanne’s Patriotic Log Cabin quilt 🇺🇸

Jeanne is one of my new clients from the northeast part of the United States.  Yes, I have wonderful clients who mail me quilts and when I’m done, I send them back.  With priority shipping it made it back in two days. 


Jeanne made this quilt for her husband who’s birthday is next month, and he’s very patriotic.  He will love it!!  Jeanne’s sweet friend Chris is teaching her how to sew, and she’s doing a beautiful job.  I’m impressed with how flat and straight everything was.


This traditional quilt pattern is called a Log Cabin, and is very striking in red, blue, and tan.


Jeanne looked through my designs and chose Twirl©️ by Patricia Ritter and me.  It’s available in paper and digital formats, (like all of our Urban Elementz designs are, and is available at https://www.urbanelementz.com/twirl.html


I chose to use a tan color of Perma Core thread called Beige 32158 from A&E, it’s 30 Tex.  There are a couple of different beige colors...so I added the color number.  This color is definitely more toupe than a golden tan.  I think it blends nicely.  


I chose the Twirl name for this design, because it reminds me of my nieces who love to twirl, spin, and dance every time we are together.


I used my favorite 8020 cotton/poly blend batting from Winline.  LuAnn’s batting is my favorite!!


Jeanne also requested that I bind her quilt, so when it arrived home it was all finished and ready to go.  I charge $.25 a running inch to hand bind.  I don’t do machine binding.  I love the look of the swirls on the backing.


Thanks for stopping by and supporting my quilting!!  You’re the best.

- Leisha

LeAnn’s “a tale of two gnomes” quilt!

LeAnn’s “a tale of two gnomes” quilt!

NEW Taj Mahal pantograph designs...

NEW Taj Mahal pantograph designs...