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My name is Leisha, and I have been longarm machine quilting for nearly 13 years.  I also have been designing longarm pantograph designs for 4 years, with Urban Elementz

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Loranne’s Butterfly Quilt

Loranne’s Butterfly Quilt

Loranne made this amazing quilt from a picture she saw of a similar quilt.  This post includes several pictures and a fun way to quilt that big black border...video included. 


Those colors pop against the black and white!!


Here is the first close up on this black sashing/border.  It was so much fun to quilt, now I just want to quilt it over and over again...especially on one of my own!  


I apologize that my camera mount is shaky, but I decided to still share this, because I share with you step by step how to do this design, and why I do it the way I do.  Enjoy!!  

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Look at all of those awesome angles!!!  Sorry, I just love this design.  If you’re a quilter, you know it can be hard to fill a big border with quilting...that’s why this is just perfect.  Plus, that texture is just fabulous!


Here are the butterflies.  I tried to add variety to show off the amazing lines on these butterfly blocks.  I quilted lines in the tan dotted fabric, and circles...swirls...and circle ripples in the red.  The yellow center has some overlapping circles.  Those are also so fun to quilt.  I’m actually going to do them on a quilt I’m going to quilt today, that has a sheep on it.  So excited!!


I used 11 different colors of thread.  Black for the borders and background, and coordinating threads on the rest of the fabrics.  I also used my favorite 8020 cotton poly Winline batting.


There are those overlapping circles again, with a wood’ish kind of design in the green, with wavy lines for the body of the butterfly. 


I wanted to keep the quilting simple in the background, because of the busy damask fabric, so I did a freehand crackle.  There is a short video on my YouTube channel, of me doing the crackle design: https://youtu.be/9RiOuB2xFJc


Twists, arcs, and a 1/2” plaid grid add some fun textures to this particular butterfly.


There is a great shot above, of the crackle in the background.


V’s, wavy lines, and ribbon candy add just the right amount personality to this one.  I don’t have a picture of the back fabric, but it is the black circle fabric between the pink stripes.  It’s a pretty perfect choice for this quilt. 


I just love how the light is picking up all these quilting textures.  When the threads blend so perfectly, I never know how great the pictures will turn out.  


Ovals, feathered swirls, and arcs are a fun combination of texture on this butterfly. 


With all the variety of designs, which I didn’t want to repeat, it can seem like it’s too much.  But let the quilt pattern and fabrics speak to you/inspire you.  Then everything will tie together and flow beautifully.  It may even tie the fabrics together better.  


1/2” lines, back and forth lines, with some ribbon candy to soften up the quilting. 


Loranne also made these two pillow shams.  I wanted to keep them simple, the quilt is the real focal point. 


Also...a quick note: it’s a huge time saver, and not to mention save your back from pinning on another quilt back, I suggest using only one backing when what you’re quilting is the same size.  Quilt the first pillow than roll the backing, and attach the second...and quilt.  Boom, both the shams are quilted.  


Lines, lines, lines.  Softened up with some overlapping circles and wood grain.  


I’m going to see if I can manage to video me quilting that fun overlapping circle design.  Subscribe to my YouTube channel to not miss it.  www.youtube.com/user/QuiltingIt


Thank you so much!!  This quilting community is amazing.  Not only do I get so much support and encouragement, but I have some who are willing to go above and beyond to help me grow and celebrate my successes with me.  Thank you!!

- Leisha  

Thank you!! + 10% off

Thank you!! + 10% off

Simple Strip Block Quilt

Simple Strip Block Quilt