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My name is Leisha, and I have been longarm machine quilting for nearly 13 years.  I also have been designing longarm pantograph designs for 4 years, with Urban Elementz

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Client Quilts - April

Client Quilts - April

Happy Spring!!  If you’ve had winter the last 6ish months, like we have, I hope spring is on its way for you!!  

I hope you’re enjoying having a variety of quilts to look at in one post.  It’s definitely easier for me to share all the amazing quilts that I get to quilt, in one post.  Thank you for being here! 

This first quilt was started by Jessica years ago, I taught her how to make a quilt when she was in junior high...and then she wanted to start her next quilt.  So she picked out a couple of blocks from the book: Marsha McCloskey’s Block Party book.  It’s such an awesome book.  There are a variety of different block patterns, and all the blocks are the same size, which makes mixing and matching easy.  It’s an older book, so it may be out of print.  But I did find one for sell on amazon... https://www.amazon.com/Marsha-McCloskeys-Block-Party-Extravaganza/dp/1579542662/ref=mp_s_a_1_fkmrnull_1?crid=2UTFJI90XBG65&keywords=marsha+mccloskey+block+party&qid=1554150636&s=gateway&sprefix=marsha+mc&sr=8-1-fkmrnull


As the years went by, here and there Jessica would remind me that she wanted to work on her quilt.  Unfortunately we never got together to work on it again.  When Jessica got married, her mother in law...who is an amazing quilter, said she was going to finish it for her.   


Marla finished it...isn’t it beautiful?!?!?!!  I was lucky enough to quilt it!  I know Jessica is going to be thrilled!!  


I used my favorite 30 tex Perma Core cream thread, Dyed Natural, from A&E.  I also used Winline’s 8020 cotton/poly blend batting.


These fabrics used to be available at my mom and aunts fabric shop www.sistersandquilters.com or www.sistersandquilters.etsy.com but unfortunately, that was awhile ago.  They do have a pretty fabulous selection of fabrics...patterns...and notions, you should totally check them out.


I sent Marla a few options for quilting...all feathers, that Patricia Ritter and I have designed.  To check out our designs go to: https://www.urbanelementz.com/catalogsearch/result/?cat=0&q=Leisha+farnsworth


Marla chose our Vintage©️ design and I think it’s a beautiful match!!  Vintage is available at Urban Elementz in paper and several different digital formats.  Go to: https://www.urbanelementz.com/vintage.html


Here is a look at the beautiful cream Cuddle or minky, from Shannon Fabrics.  It comes in 90” wide...which is wonderful!  Makes quilting all those big quilts easier for me.   plus it only comes in the solid, which is great!!  The quilting becomes the texture on the minky.  


Next up...  Jenn made this for her daughter who just made cheer for her second year, at our local high school.  


This quilt will be the perfect size for her to take on all those bus trips.  If I remember right, the squares were cut 6”, which makes them 5.5” sewn.  


I used a silver thread from signature, that looks like it has a little metallic to it.  It doesn’t...just looked like it does.  I have used a metallic thread before, and it quilted great. It was years ago, but I think it was a Superior or Signature thread.  I also used Winline’s 8020 cotton poly blend batting.


Jenn picked 90” wide minky too, which changed the way that the quilt was pinned on.  I always pin minky on my machine, on the two ends that are cut.  Otherwise stretching happens.  So, I gave Jenn a handful of options, some of which would end up looking like they were quilted vertically.  That was the case with this Mod Dotz design by Patricia Ritter.  It’s available at Urban Elementz:  https://www.urbanelementz.com/mod-dotz.html  I think it turned out great!!  I love the vertical look of the design.  


Look at that minky/quilty texture!!!  Love it!


The next two quilts were made by Kristen!


This first quilt is a pattern by Elizabeth Hartman called Dogs in Sweaters.  How cute!!!  Those glasses are a fun touch.


I used the same 30 tex A&E Perma Core thread in Dyed Natural, that I used on Marla’s quilt.  I also used Winline’s 8020 cotton poly blend batting.  It’s my favorite cotton poly blend because it’s a little thicker than the others, and it’s so much softer.   


I asked Kristen if it would be okay to use my new Double Squared©️ quilting design, she said yes!!  I love how it turned out.  


Double Squared is available on my website:  https://www.quiltingit.com/shop/double-squared or Urban Elementz website: https://www.urbanelementz.com/double-squared.html  If I remember right, I quilted this one at a height around 5.5”.  Double Squared is a new take on my Squared design, that quilts out on point.  I think it’s fun to have both options, and I hope you enjoy quilting with this one, too!


This is such a fun quilt!!  I know several people who’d love one.


Kristen’s Grandma’s Flower Garden quilt!


If you’ve been following along on my Instagram for awhile, then you know I’m making a hexie flower quilt.  I started it nearly 4 years ago.  It’s sewn by hand using the English Paper Piecing method.  It’s definitely a labor of love, and I’ve enjoyed making mine.  I still have edges to make, but I’m ready to lay mine out...so excited, especially now that I know how to quilt it.  One of the reasons that I was okay with mine taking me so long, is because I had no idea how to quilt it.  Until now!!  I searched Pinterest and Instagram, and couldn’t find anything that wasn’t either too time consuming or I liked.  Then I thought of my digital cross hatching design, On Point.


I used the same cream Dyed Natural A&E Perma Core 30 tex thread, and Winline’s 8020 cotton poly blend batting.


I’m loving all these floral prints!!!


On Point©️ Is available in my shop at: https://www.quiltingit.com/shop/on-point or at Urban Elementz: https://www.urbanelementz.com/leisha-s-on-point.html  The great thing about this design, if you offset it at 50% on every other row, then no lines quilt over other lines.  It’s clean and beautiful.  


I love the mixture of colors and florals on this quilt!!!  The squares ended up 3/4” big.  Tiny and sweet, if you ask me.   


Close ups and a nice angled picture! 


Here is a look at the backing.  I love lines and squares, to me this is a perfect fit.  Now, I can wait to get mine sewn together, so I can quilt it the same way.  


I quilt on a 22” Gammill Statler.  I only use the computer on edge to edge designs.  When I custom quilt, it’s all me and some rulers.  I hope you have a great week!!  I have some fun things to quilt this week.  

Take care, happy quilting!!   - Leisha 

Quilting Tips for Lining Up Digital Designs!

Quilting Tips for Lining Up Digital Designs!

Featured on Urban Elementz Blog!

Featured on Urban Elementz Blog!