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My name is Leisha, and I have been longarm machine quilting for nearly 13 years.  I also have been designing longarm pantograph designs for 4 years, with Urban Elementz

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Laser Cut Quilts - Quilt Market release!

Laser Cut Quilts - Quilt Market release!

If you’ve been following along on my blog or social media, you may have seen, that I had the opportunity to quilt for Laser Cut Quilts for International Quilt Market.  They have several new kit releases, and these are my most favorite!!!  Lots of pictures...I just want to share all the awesome texture I was able to create on their beautiful quilts.  Laser Cut Quilts specialize in laser cut fabrics, with fusible webbing, ready for you to iron down.  They take care of all of the cutting for you!!  They announced yesterday that they developed their own fusible webbing, called Flexi Fuse.  As a quilter, when I quilt appliqué...it’s not always easy.  The needle has a hard time going through all the fusible webbing, especially when there are multiple layers.  Flexi Fuse was soooo easy to quilt through.  Go to their website for more information: https://lasercutquilts.com/


Meet Sylvester Seahorse!  Isn’t he cute!!!


I outlined all of his spots to make them pronounced, quilted lines on his head, and scallops on his tail...but the real texture I wanted to create, was all in the water.  Let me know if you’re interested, and I can do a tutorial on this design.  It’s super fun to quilt and is very forgiving.  


I used a white or cream Perma Core 30 tex A&E thread, and I used 8020 Winline cotton poly blend batting for all of these quilts.  


I quilted some simple lines on the fin.  Love it!!  


I’m not sure the name of this design...we will go with Happiness!  The next 3 quilts, happiness...maker...and I will cut you, are all designed by Punkin Patch Craft Designs.  Kits will be available through Laser Cut Quilts.  


I decided on swirls for the background, because the texture they create is sweet and happy, which goes perfectly with this beautiful bird.  I did a grassy/feathery texture in the bird, with some lines to define the shape.  Mixing hard and soft quilting designs is fine, I just like to keep the overall design cohesive.


I used white Perma Core A&E 30 Tex thread, for this entire quilt. 


The lines in the sun and cloud are simple, but they aren’t the main attraction.  I wanted the bird to stand out! 


Happy perfectly describes this quilt!


Maker, isn’t she lovely!! 


I decided to use two of my Circle2 machine quilting rulers to quilt the scallop around the edge.  I used the 2” and 3” circles.  For more information on them go to... https://www.quiltingit.com/shop/?category=Rulers or https://www.quiltingit.com/blog/2018/10/10/introducing-my-circle2-longarm-circle-ruler-set


I’ve never quilted hair and a face, like this before.  I was a little intimidated to do the face.  The texture in the hair was easy to quilt out, I just followed the design to know what direction to quilt and I think it turned out great.  For the face, I just wanted to make sure there were cheeks, and definition around the eye, brow, nose, and chin.  I couldn’t be happier with the results.  I used a light pink thread on the face and light tan/brown on the hair.


As makers, I’m sure we would have some quilting on our scarves, right?!?!  I used a Edge ruler from Linda at TheQuiltedPineapple.com to quilt these perfect 1/2” squares.  Her rulers are so awesome, I never have to mark anything, I just follow the lines. 


That Maker banner is pretty cute! 


One more look!  I used a light grey thread in the background, and coordinated threads in all the other parts.  The scarf, leafs, and rose.


I will cut you...I’ve heard...this is what people say if you were to use their sewing scissors to cut something else.   


For this quilt, I decided on Graffiti Quilting in the background.  It’s inspired by the amazing quilting that Karlee Porter does.  It wasn’t easy to be so random at first...then it was fun, and I wanted to keep going.  I’m sharing lots of pictures, so you can see all the different textures in the background.  


I love how the scallops and feathers on the scissors, turned out!!   As well as the hard diagonal lines in the scissor blades.  I used the same Edge ruler from Linda, to quilt all those fabulous lines and squares.


I used a dark gray thread in the background, and a white thread everywhere else.   


I love the mix of swirly, hard lines, feathers...it’s just so fun to think out of the box, when it comes to quilting. 


A last side angle view... 


Each of these quilts are going to be available in kits, check back with https://lasercutquilts.com/ after quilt market.

Thank you for stopping by!!  I love what I do, and I appreciate you stopping by to check it out.   

Happy Quilting!! - Leisha  

Sherry’s “Kimberbell” pillows and runners...

Sherry’s “Kimberbell” pillows and runners...

Gone Quilting and a couple of flower table runners...

Gone Quilting and a couple of flower table runners...