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My name is Leisha, and I have been longarm machine quilting for nearly 13 years.  I also have been designing longarm pantograph designs for 4 years, with Urban Elementz

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Quilts, Designs, Sale, & Giveaway!!

Quilts, Designs, Sale, & Giveaway!!

Yes, that’s a lot to cover!!  However, life is busy.  So I thought a one and done blog/email, would be great.  

I’ll get to the quilts in just a few minutes, first I wanted to remind you of the sales going on.  Not only on my website, but also the 20% code from Flexi Fuse.

(My Harbor design)

(My Harbor design)


This Sunday, June 30th, is the last day to take advantage of my 25% off quilting designs and $20 off my Circle2 machine quilting circle ruler set.  Use code “SUMMER25” at checkout for the quilting designs, and “CIRCLE2” for $20 off of my Circle2 ruler sets.  For more information about my Circle2 rulers, click here: https://www.quiltingit.com/blog/2018/10/10/introducing-my-circle2-longarm-circle-ruler-set • If you haven’t looked at my shop lately, you may have missed the few new designs that I have.  I also uploaded 10 new designs by my friend Molly Dursteler, just last night.  So go snag some while the sale is going on!!  There are some amazing ones.  https://www.quiltingit.com/shop


This is one of Molly’s designs, Luck O’ The Irish.  Follow the link to my shop above to see her other fun designs.  


Also, a quick reminder that my 20% off of Flexi Fuse expires on Sunday as well.  Use code “leishakaye” at checkout: https://flexifuse.com/?ref:leisha

If you do any kind of appliqué, you need to try this interfacing.  As a machine quilter I hate trying to quilt through appliqué, not the case when it comes to Flexi Fuse.  Quilts like a breeze.  I’m excited to make some things of my own.  


Now onto the giveaway!!!  This giveaway is HUGE!  I haven’t blogged about it just yet.  I have joined with some pretty amazing sponsors to offer one lucky winner a prize worth more than $800.  I’m including a $100 gift card for machine quilting!!  There are several ways to enter, check here for all the details:  http://www.flexifusegiveaway.com/ 

Please stop by and visit each of our Instagram accounts.  Mine is @leishakaye and there is also @sistersandquilters (my favorite online fabric shop), @flexiefuse, @rilerblakedesigns, @kimberbelldesigns, @aurifil, and @tiedwitharibbon

This giveaway ends the 6th of July.  The prize package includes thread, patterns, fabric, fusible webbing, quilting, and a light box. 


Now for the amazing quilts that I’ve been able to quilt lately!!   


Laurel from @snowberrystreet (on Instagram) messaged me and asked if I would quilt her Madame Butterfly quilt, pattern by Vanessa Goertzen from Lella Boutique.  These are also Vanessa’s fabrics.  I was so excited!!  Seriously, this quilt is gorgeous!


Laurel asked for the antenna’s, and then left the rest up to me.  I love what Natalia Bonner did when she quilted Vanessa’s, by out lining around the butterflies 1/4”.  I did the same on this quilt, which makes the butterflies pop!!  I used my favorite Edge ruler from Linda at www.thequiltedpineapple.com • I also used those same Edge rulers to quilt my favorite pinstriped border.  1/4” for the thin stripe and 1” for the wider stripe.   


I quilted most of the butterflies the same.  Same circles and swirls alternating on the body, feathers and swirls on the inside wings, ribbon candy on the outside tips of the wings, however the inside of the wings differs on each of the butterflies on each row.  I chose four different designs, and then just alternated them throughout the quilt, making sure each design ends up in each column.  I will share each of those below.  You’ll also notice the feathers/swirls for the antenna’s.  


On this first butterfly I quilted overlapping circles on that middle layer of the wings.  


Next, you know I love mixing hard lines with the softness of the pebbles, swirls, and ribbon candy.  So above is a 1/4” pin stripe, and below a 1/4” stripe going the opposite direction on the left wing, than the right wing.  


Lastly, I love a good grassy texture (what I like to call it) on that middle layer of the wings, pictured below.  


I hope you also noticed the variety of filler with the pebbles...swirls, echoes, overlapping circles, arcs and so on, in the background.  A great way to make everything pop!


I used White 30 tex A&E Perma Core thread and Winline’s 8020 batting for this quilt.  I quilted everything, except the lines, freehand.  Quilts like this, with so much incredible texture, are just my favorite.  


Next up, this sweet baby quilt made by Maria.  I love a simple pinwheel quilt like this!!  Especially with mint, pink, peach and coral fabrics.  


I used Antique Cream 30 tex A&E Perma Core thread and Winline’s 8020 batting on this quilt.   


Maria asked for a simple Orange Peel design to be quilted on it.  I used my 6” Circle2, machine quilting Circle2 ruler, to quilt it.  My Circle2 set of rulers is available in my shop....and is a great addition to every quilting studio.  They come in a set of 6 and range in size 2”-13”.  Like I mentioned above, they are $20 off right now until Sunday, use code “CIRCLE2 “ at checkout.  Watch here to see my rulers in action.  https://youtu.be/GWyDTymyzoE and are available here: https://www.quiltingit.com/shop


I love a simple Orange Peel! 


A couple of close ups!!!


Kristin made this for her son who just turned 8!  I love a simple quilt, yet striking because of the solid colors.  


I don’t know the pattern name to this quilt, I bet the squares are around 6 inches and the rectangles 3”x6”, sewn.  Add the 1/2” for seam allowance when cutting, and you’ll be good.  


Kristin wanted simple 1” lines.  I used my favorite 8020 cotton poly blend batting from Winline and white 30 tex A&E Perma Core thread. 


I quilt on a Gammill 22” machine, with a Statler Stitcher.  This one and the next quilt, we’re done by the Statler (computer).  However the first two quilts in this post, I quilted myself.  It’s great to have both options.


This next quilt was made by Kara Jo or her daughter.  Or maybe they made it together.  Her daughter loves Star Wars, and has wanted a t-shirt quilt.  


Initially we talked about possibly doing a Star Wars design, for the quilting.  When I couldn’t find one that I loved.  They decided on Diagonal Plaid, by Patricia Ritter from https://www.urbanelementz.com/?acc=12 and I’m glad they did.  I don’t like doing the same kind of design on the same quilt, it’s just too much.  I still want the design to compliment the quilt, but not be so matchy matchy or literal.  


I used my favorite 8020 cotton poly blend batting and Antique Cream 30 tex A&E Perma Core thread to quilt this.  


The block below is cool!!  It’s two shirts sewn together.  I do suggest when making a shirt quilt, that you iron the interfacing on really well.  Especially when the shirts are a little thin.  Otherwise the hopping foot can possibly cause a pucker, if the shirt starts to stretch.  I have a spoon foot, but it’s difficult to mark the quilt as I advance the rows.  So I prefer using my regular hopping foot.  


Thanks for being here and reading through all of that.  If you’d rather listen to my blog posts, click on the link at the end of the email that says read in browser, and then it should take you to my post.  At the top of the post is a little sound icon.  Click on that and you can listen while you sew.  When I listen on my phone, it says to click here because my browser doesn’t support the audio.  Click on that and it works great!  Have a great week! 

- Leisha

Quilting Galore!

Quilting Galore!

Summer Sales!!!

Summer Sales!!!